blue stone isiwasho

blue stone isiwasho

blue stone isiwasho | isiwasho for luck | types of isiwasho | how to use isiwasho

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how to use isiwasho

Isiwasho has got alot of uses, Therefore some of the isiwasho benefits are listed below:

  • Cleansing/ Removing bad luck spells.
  • Reversing a curse.
  • Getting a job and being promoted.
  • Getting married to your partner.
  • Bring back lost love.
  • Recover stolen goods.
  • Getting lucky.. …
  • Protection from negativity.

isiwasho benefits :-

  • Cleans Bad Luck ( Amabadi)
  • Reverses man made problems ( isinyama)
  • Restores your natural aura and charm ( uthandeke )
  • Opens up blocked opportunities ( business and careers)
  • Improves Mood and Memory
  • Calms emotions
  • Attracts financial abundance
  • Cleanses your energy

Note : It is made of organic herbs that fight isichitho. Isichitho when used on you will make you irritate people. When people think about you they will start getting angry or miss out on the good opportunities. Your partner will also start seeing you as a problem or burden therefore separating after some time

Why Am I The Best Traditional Doctor And Healer

From a young age I was chosen by the gods and set apart for spiritual work. Therefore the elders I grew up with made sure am trained in all kinds of ways to preserve the original ways and traditions of healing. Your only problem should be how to find me but once you do my works will make your problems disappear.

blue stone isiwasho | isiwasho for luck | types of isiwasho | how to use isiwasho

Below is a list of the frequent services that clients come for but if you don’t see the service you want just call/WhatsApp +27717489187 for more assistance.

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blue stone isiwasho

Over the years my knowledge and experience in spell casting has greatly improved. In other words, In a day I can easily cast over 10 spells and the clients start seeing results in 24 hours.

Above all, I make sure only quality ingredients are used for spell casting such that my work is not compromised. If a client is struggling to raise the materials for the spell I advise them to wait until they are stable such that my work turns out always perfect.


Clients come back in case they do not see the results as expected but most at times I have realized it’s because they do not follow instructions or forget the steps. Therefore I make sure all my products come with simple instructions in words and pictures to save the clients from such issues.

In other words, I now see an improvement in client satisfaction and most clients I receive have been referred by friends who used my products. Unlike most Doctors before I take on a job I first make sure I have thorough knowledge or have ever done a similar task before. In conclusion This practice has made my services perfect.

blue stone isiwasho | isiwasho for luck | types of isiwasho | how to use isiwasho

For Instance, Do you forget your dreams or have dreams that you cannot understand and interprete by yourself. You lost a loved one but still want to communicate with them or they keep visiting you. You want to find out whether your guardian angels are still with you and so much more

Above all for any rituals or special sacrifices involving high powers or spirits like exorcism and shaman services, ceremonies that need expert assistance just call/WhatsApp +27717489187

Below is a list of the frequent services that clients come for but if you don’t see the service you want just call/WhatsApp +27717489187 for more assistance.

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By now you might be disappointed about your problem or you are tired of the numerous so called doctors who have been giving you empty promises and products that don’t work.

Therefore Your pain is about to bring gain just don’t lose hope contact me now and I will change your destiny like you wish. As well as callenge me with your problem and I will solve it with an answer. In addition, Find out yourself why am called the leading traditional and Spiritual healer.

The testimonies I keep receiving from several clients all over the world some of whom have never even met but trust me for help is proof that you need my services if all have let you down.

Terms of Use

Therefore, You must accept and agree to Spiritualist Traditional and Herbalist Healer Dr Byona Terms of Use before using this website services.


Am not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damages caused or arising when using my herbs or this site.

Therefore I do not pass clients details to any third party whatsoever.

When ordering a spell from me, you are agreeing that any information, direction, support, guidance, And advice provided does not at all constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice.

100% accuracy is not guaranteed due to circumstances during the process offered.

About The Author

Is there anything stopping you from being happy as well as satisfied in your life. Whether the issue might look small or big just let me know in advance and I will help you as always promised. In conclusion This issue might be concerning love, money or just name it.

In conclusion, If you ever need help with any problem, then Byona can help you with your life struggles, protection- you name it. Therefore, For example, if you want help with your love life, then you should cast a love spell to help you with love.

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