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Dr Byona!

Since Dr Byona is very busy at the backend working on numerous clients that keep coming, he put in place a special team to ensure all clients are attended to maximum satisfaction.

Our Vision

healing for

To give hope to people who have failed to find solutions to their circumstances. Where as most people are in healing for money Dr Byona has a calling and passion to help people solve most of their problems that seem impossible with people.

Our Mission

Easy. Fun.

Gone are the days when clients had to meet a doctor for assistance or consultation. Dr Byona makes it possible to get all necessary assistance wherever you are through easy to follow steps. This method has guaranteed the same results as meeting with him in person does so the choice is yours.

People First

Dr Byona will always leave whatever is doing to attend to the clients. It is for this reason that he has won the hearts of many people that see him as the leading traditional healer in the World

Our Team

James Timothy

Phone &  Computer Support

Lisa Karabo


Daniel Robert

Delivery & Transportation Manager

Unathi Lopez

Chief of Staff

Sudhir Khan

Head of Product
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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday

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